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Students in Gangcheng of Jinan Engage in Campus Science and Technology Festival

On May 13th, the 8th National Science and Technology Workers' Day in China, a campus science and technology festival kicked off at Bayi Hope Primary School in Xinzhuang, Gangcheng district, Jinan.


The City of Springs in the New Era: Taiwan Delights by the Spring

The 15th episode of Stories in the City of Springs in the New Era, Taiwan Delights by the Spring, tells the story of Cai Zong’en, who hails from Taiwan and has made a home for himself in Jinan, embarking on both entrepreneurial and personal adventures.


Integral Ad Science (IAS) llega a Colombia

Últimas noticias: Integral Ad Science (IAS) estableció oficialmente IAS Colombia el 13 de abril de 2024. Con el fin de expandir su negocio en el mercado global, IAS decidió establecerse en Colombia en julio de 2024 y establecer una oficina oficial en Colombia.


Bringing Chinese Culture to Egypt and the World: "Book Fragrance in Huaiyin, Chinese Expatriates Reading Around the World" Reading Sharing Event Held in Jinan


"Jinan's Charm Revealed": Postcard Exchange Event Held in Suwon, South Korea

On April 10th, the Jinan International Communication Center, in collaboration with Suwon University, successfully organized a special postcard exchange event showcasing Jinan's unique charm. The event featured a diverse array of postcards, capturing the captivating landscapes of Jinan, ranging from photographic scenes to delicately hand-drawn artistic renditions. These postcards delighted the eyes and deeply embodied Jinan's rich cultural heritage and warmth.


"Springscape of the Jinan City": Postcard Cultural Art Exchange Event Held in Spain


CHINAPLAS 2024--CYCJET te espera en 7.1G54

La "la exposición internacional de caucho y plásticos CHINAPLAS 2024" se llevará a cabo del 23 al 26 de abril de 2024, en el centro nacional de convenciones y exposiciones de Shanghai, Hongqiao, China. Como la principal exposición de plásticos y caucho de Asia, esta exhibición promoverá plenamente el desarrollo de alta gama, inteligente y verde de la industria del caucho y plásticos. La exposición ha regresado a Shanghai después de seis años. La industria del caucho y del plástico ha anticipado con entusiasmo la reunión de la exposición del este de China.


Stories in the City of Springs in the New Era: Volunteer Spirit in the City of Springs


Jinan City conducted a book donation campaign at Samarkand State University in Uzbekistan


Experiencing the Wondrous Journey of "A Drop of Oil": International Friends Explore the Mountain Song and Peanut Culture Integrated Research and Practice Base