Jinan City conducted a book donation campaign at Samarkand State University in Uzbekistan




Jinan City conducts book donation activities in Uzbekistan Civilizations, which thrive through exchanges and become enriched through mutual learning. On March 18th, to further promote friendly cooperation and cultural exchanges among "Belt and Road" countries, Jinan International Communication Center conducted a book donation activity at the "A Glimpse of Chinese Culture · Nishan Library" at Samarkand State University in Uzbekistan.

Samarkand is one of the oldest and most important cities, and it is also an Islamic academic center known as the "Pearl of the Ancient Silk Road." Local students have a great interest in Chinese culture. Samarkand State University, founded in 1927, is one of Uzbekistan's oldest and largest higher education institutions, with significant influence in domestic cultural dissemination. 

Jinan has been committed to promoting cross-cultural dialogue and strengthening exchanges and communication with friendly cities. The donated books cover various fields such as literature, history, and humanities, showcasing Jinan's rich cultural diversity and academic depth, aiming to provide insights into Jinan and China's rich cultural landscape for students and scholars at Samarkand State University, contributing to creating a conducive environment for learning and exploring the rich historical and cultural heritage of China and Jinan.


Dilshod, head of the international department at Samarkand, said, "This batch of donated books further enriches the collection in our Nishan Library, providing valuable resources from Jinan, a city with a rich history and cultural heritage, for our students and contributing to the cultural resources of Samarkand State University."

A millennium ago, ancient people spread Chinese civilization to the world along the Silk Road. Today, Jinan promotes friendship through books, continuously deepening mutual understanding, learning, and communication between friendly cities, and continues to develop the Nishan Book House, providing an overseas platform for the dissemination of Chinese civilization and the exchange and mutual learning of world civilizations. With practical actions, it promotes the building of a community with a shared future for humanity and actively contributes to promoting global cultural diversity, common prosperity, and development.


"As the scent of books leads to distant places." With the continuous establishment of overseas Nishan Library, the "A Glimpse of Chinese Culture · Nishan Library" serves as a gateway for cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, spreading the fragrance of books and telling Chinese stories through reading and promoting Chinese culture. It has not only become a brand for Shandong Province to promote Chinese culture going global but also a vivid example of promoting Chinese culture from going out to coming in, further expanding the "circle of friends" of Chinese culture worldwide.

Sharing knowledge and cultural treasures is a powerful measure to build bonds between the two sides. This book donation activity has created a lasting connection beyond geographical boundaries between Jinan and Samarkand, gradually nurturing and deepening mutual communication and understanding between the two cities. By providing Chinese-English bilingual books tailored to the needs and reading habits of overseas readers, and introducing Jinan's stories, appearance, and voice to foreign friends in the form of words and pictures, it helps Uzbekistan scholars, students, and society at large to start understanding Jinan and gradually learn more about Chinese culture and experience the spirit of the Silk Road.

(Liu Lu; Li Xiaotong; Yuan Yaning; Wang Jianle; Hua Shan; Gong Lili; Yuan Yuhua; Hou Yawen; Liu Xiaohan; Lou Xinyu; Chong Yaqi; Xu Jiayi; Li Jiayin; Yang Yang; Han Wenzhi; Wang Xi; Zhang Kaiyang; Wang Yuquan; Zhou Yiru; Zhou Nan; Zhang Xun; Liu Qianying; Chen Zeyu; Li Ziyue)

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